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Chobe National Park
Evening at Chobe River - hundreds of elephants, buffalos, giraffes, and other animals come to drink, eat and socialise
There is no other place on earth like Chobe National Park. It is an immense conservation area with several distinct habitats with unparalleled concentration of wildlife. Chobe is an Elephant kingdom - the largest elephant herds on the planet live here - more than 100.000 of them.
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Savuti is another famous part of Chobe National Park known for big prides of lions and hyaenas following migrating herds of zebra, wildebeest and other animals. After 27 years the Savuti Channel started to flow again in 2010 - great news for the dry thirsty interior.
huge herds of impala in Chobe
Herds of impala grace the bush of Chobe River frontage throughout the year. They are important pray for leopards, wild dogs and cheetahs.
The most visited is the Chobe River frontage, where during the dry season huge herds of animals concentrate along the river to stay alive in this otherwise dry semi-desert of the Kalahari. Giraffes congregate on the floodplains of the Chobe.
giraffe herd in Chobe
male lion - Chobe
largest herds of elephants on earth
Hyaena of Savuti
Zebras of Chobe
Thousands of zebras migrate in search of grazing and water in Northern Botswana.
Savuti area provides a refuge for huge herds. If the Savuti Channel continues to flow, Savuti will become once again one of the best wildlife hotspots on the planet (it is already - it will become even better).